Importance of Career Planning

Career planning is a simple process with complex analysis, critical appraisal & knowing your skill sets. It's an extremely important step because if you do not know the direction that you are heading, then chances are that you are probably heading the wrong way... It could be a huge drift in some cases So put in place a career plan. The steps to be followed are:

What do you want it to be?

This question should not be answered on what you see as examples around you but on what you are as a person, your drive, your personality traits, your physical attributes, all that you are inside. It will be most unwise to decide where you want to BE, without KNOWING yourself in TOTO. People are different and therefore they do different things. Someone likes to eat sugar, someone else chillies. This is the most tricky part, "Know thyself" Do a critical analysis, ask friends & colleagues to critically examine you, take help of books & reading material, know what you love. Your life depends on this question, so do not depend on anyone else for the answer. ‘Know Thyself”